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Playin Games is an XR Sports Company

About Playin Games


We are strong believers in the positive impact
of exercise on mental and physical health. Our
vision is to use XR-based games to create fun
and competitive environments that get
gamers off the couch while giving existing
players another way to enjoy their sport.


We are an enthusiastic group
composed of healthcare professionals,
technology entrepreneurs, game
programmers and artists.


Get fit, train, and play

Pickleball One

Dive into America’s fastest-growing sport while making new friends! Master Pickleball anytime, anywhere, whether as a single player or with up to 4 participants. Beyond just singles and doubles, this app includes in-depth fitness and training modules, that will elevate both your physical and virtual gameplay. Experience a mixed-reality setting for immersive wall drills, practice sessions, and workouts. Pickleball One: the ultimate social sports and fitness platform with something for everyone.