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Playin Games is an XR Sports Company

About playin games


We are strong believers in the positive impact of exercise on mental and physical health. Our vision is to use XR-based games to create fun and competitive environments that get gamers off the couch while giving existing players another way to enjoy their sport.


We are an enthusiastic group composed of healthcare professionals, technology entrepreneurs, game programmers and artists.


Playin Pickleball

The most authentic reproduction of Pickleball in virtual reality. Physics and gameplay have been carefully mapped from actual Pickleball gameplay, and the scoring, rules, and regulations are based on the Official Rulebook from the USA Pickleball Association.

Playin Pickleball was designed to give existing players access to their favorite game, even during the off-season. The game also makes it easy for VR gamers to get introduced to the sport with the inclusion of extensive tutorials and difficulty levels.

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